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Bouldering In Gibraltar
Thursday 28th March

Are you tired of doing the same old things? Do you want to try something new, exciting, and meet like-minded people? Then you're in the right place! Here at Random Fun Adventures we believe that experiences are best shared with others, which is why we provide a platform for like-minded people to come together, make new friends, and have tonnes of fun. 


Time: 19:00pm - 21:00pm
Location: Rock Boulder Park, King's Bastion Leisure Centre, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA
Date: Thursday 28th March
Google Maps Pin: 
Price: £8.00 

This is such a great activity! Come and start a new hobby, get fit and strong, socialise on a Thursday Evening or just come & try something new! The Rock Boulder Park is located on the second floor of the King's Bastion Leisure Centre in Gibraltar. They provide a challenging and fun environment that practically everyone will be able to enjoy. It is also an excellent fitness training facility and will cater for all climbing skill levels from beginners to advanced.

We'll be meeting every other Thursday to start with. From 19:00pm - 21:00pm. And if we enjoy it, maybe we can add a few extra times as well. Its £8.00pp and that includes 2 hours of climbing and the special footwear needed to climb safely. We have to watch a short safety video before we start, and then we're good to go
!!! Please RSVP here online so we can keep an eye on numbers, but you can pay your £8.00 directly to them on the night. 
This event is for Adults Only, as children are unable to access the facilities after 19:00pm 
We'll be meeting at 19:00pm at:

Rock Boulder Park, King's Bastion Leisure Centre, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA

What To Pack
✅ £8.00 Entry Fee
✅ Socks
✅ Comfortable Clothing
✅ Snacks
✅ Water
✅ Medication (If Needed)
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