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Córdoba Day Trip &
Flower Patio Festival
May 12th

Are you tired of doing the same old things? Do you want to try something new, exciting, and meet like-minded people? Then you're in the right place! Here at Random Fun Adventures we believe that experiences are best shared with others, which is why we provide a platform for like-minded people to come together, make new friends, and have tonnes of fun. 


Time: Leaving La Linea At 06:30am - Leaving Cordoba at 19:30pm  
Date: Sunday 12th May  
Location: Cordoba 
Google Maps Pin:
Price From: €59.00pp


This is a BRAND NEW Adventure for Random Fun Adventures 🤩🎉🤩🎉 And its been on my WISH LIST for YEARS!!! So Lets Go...Vamos!!! 
Every spring, Córdoba bursts into bloom with the special Patios Festival 🌸🌼🌹🌺🌷💐💮 
The month of May brings the "Battle of the Flowers” that explodes instantly and adorns everything around it. Traditionally, the Patios Festival, also referred to as La Fiesta de los Patios de Córdoba or Courtyards Festival of Cordoba, takes place in the first half of May to celebrate the colorful and tender beauty of the hidden spaces across the city
The local passion for gardening has since transformed into a holiday where doors are opened and everyone is invited to see the wonders of Cordoba’s patios. The incredible smell spreading all over the city includes a mixture of jasmine, oranges and other types of flowers. You can find stone mosaics and ceramic decorations with an authentic beauty in the courtyards of Cordoba.

Small private houses and large historic buildings open their doors for us to enjoy!!! Don't miss it if you want to see something really unique.

During our trip to Cordoba we'll have time to visit the Famous Patios, that are open to the public from 11:00am - 14:00pm and again in the evening from 18:00pm - 20:30pm. We have extended the trip by 1 hour, so that we have time to visit some of the patios in the evening too. Feel free to do this alone, or feel free to join the Walking Tour. There is an interactive map online, which shows you the route, and best Patios to visit -
€10.00pp Extra - Guided Walking Tour Of Córdoba

Our Walking Tour is booked for 11:00am. And will last two hours. On this walking tour, we'll be shown the best Patios in Cordoba. We'll also be given the facts about many gorgeous areas of Córdoba. Mosque-Cathedral, Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, Synagogue and walk through the Jewish Quarter (Maimónides Square, Averroes and Craftsmen Souk) – Synagogue
€13.00pp Extra - Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba Entrance Fee

We're booked in for 15:00pm. And this part is Self-Guided. The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, officially known by its ecclesiastical name of Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Córdoba dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and located in the Spanish region of Andalusia. Due to its status as a former mosque, it is also known as the Mezquita 'mosque' in Spanish) and as the Great Mosque of Córdoba.

You are invited to visit the Famous Patios free of charge. 

First Opening - 11:00am - 14:00pm (Recommended to join the Walking Tour) 

Second Opening - 18:00pm - 20:30pm (Free Time To Keep Exploring Until 19:30pm)

We are set to leave Cordoba at 19:30pm.
After our jam packed day, we can relax and get some rest as our drivers get us home safely 
What To Pack:
☑ Comfortable Footwear
☑ Comfortable Clothing
☑ Snacks / Packed Lunch
☑ Rain Jacket or Waterproofs (If Needed)
☑ Sun Cream
☑ Sun Glasses 
☑ Lots of Water
☑ Medication (If Needed)
☑ Camera

We'll be leaving from Burger King in La Linea at 06:30am

Stopping at Duquesa Estates Bus Stop @ 07:00am

Then In Estepona - At The 'Wild Cafe' Bus Stop @ 07:15am

If you're located further up the coast, we can add additional stops once we know who is joining us from where :) You'll have the opportunity to add your location during the booking process 


Adult Coach Ticket €59.00

Adult Coach Ticket & Walking Tour €69.00

Adult Coach Ticket & Cathedral Entrance €72.00

Adult Coach Ticket, Walking Tour & Cathedral Entrance €82.00

Child 3 - 16 Years of Age
Child Coach Ticket €49
Child Coach Ticket & Walking Tour €59.00

Child Coach Ticket & Cathedral Entrance €62.00

Child Coach Ticket, Walking Tour & Cathedral Entrance €72.00

Child Under 3 Free 

**Please Note!!! Due to the website transaction fees and admin processing times, if you are unable to attend an event and need to cancel, €20.00pp will be retained from your booking. Please ensure you're happy with the event, date & times before proceeding with your reservation. If you cancel your place(s) within 7 working days, or do not attend on the day, sadly 100% of your booking fee will be retained**

If you book using the 'Deposit Only' feature, all balances must be paid by the cut off date, stated on the specific Random Fun Adventure. If your balance is not settled, your spot will be freed up, and offered to anyone on the waitlist. 

Please See Full Terms & Conditions Below

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