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PAY TODAY - Boat & Drinks!!!x

PAY TODAY - Boat & Drinks!!!x

Thanks for booking a Random Fun Adventure!!! 💜

This Payment of €400 is to cover THE BOAT HIRE & DRINKS FOR 2 HOURS

**Please Note!!! Your €100 Deposit is used to secure and lock in your preferred date and time. Your date and time can be adjusted if you give us more than 7 days notice, and if we have the availability to accommodate the changes. If you are unable to attend your sail, a refund can be issued if there are more than 7 days between your cancellation and the event itself - Minus the €100 Deposit. If you need to cancel your sail within 7 days, sadly your booking is lost and is non-refundable as all final arrangements would have been made by that point. So please ensure you're happy with everything before completing the booking**

What To Pack:
☑ Something Warm - If The Weather Changes 
☑ Extra Snacks & Drinks - If Needed / Wanted 
☑ Sun Cream
☑ Sun Glasses
☑ Medication & Sickness Tablets - If Needed
☑ Camera
☑ Swimwear - If Wanting To Get In
☑ Towel

The meeting point is right outside Itsomi, in Sotogrande Port. Here is the location:

The Skippers name is Jacobo and his boat is called Sun Magic 44 - Juno ⛵ I personally may not be on all sails this summer. However, you'll be in very safe hands with Jacobo

Finally, if you'd like to keep in the know about all things #RFA - be sure to join the #RFA Weekly WhatsApp Bulletin Chat, by clicking here:

Thanks Again & Big Hugs!

Ria xx 💜💜 xx

Random Fun Adventures
Email -
Tel +34 619 613 230

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